Museums of Elsinore – City Museum, Shipbrokers office & home and the Shipyard Museum.

Elsinore is history. In its earliest days, in the Soundtoll era (1429- 1857), Elsinore was a cosmopolitical city attracting people from all over the world. During the Industrial era (1882-1993), the shipyard made the city buzzling and rough, before the city found its current form as a cultural beacon with much to offer. The shipyard is turned into the Culture Yard and history is visible everywhere in the city centre: 75% of the city centre’s buildings are more than 200 years old. Culture and history goes hand in hand in Elsinore.



You can visit our three museums – Helsingør Bymuseum (City Museum), Skibsklarerergaarden (the Shipbrokeres Office & Home) and Værftsmuseet (the Shipyard Museum), all located in in the city center. Together they tell the local stories about 600 years in Elsinore. From the danish king Erik af Pommern gave Elsinore status as a Marked city back in 1426. Over 400 years being the center for the Sound Toll to the industrial period with a huge shipyard until today where Elsinore is a modern & cultural city. All three museums are within 5 mins walking distance. Easily accessible on foot. One ticket gives access to all three museums



This summer we open the gate to the 1820s. We cordially invite you to experience bustling street life in historical Elsinore, full of tales of trade and cultural encounters in the cosmopolitical city. Try the historical city with all senses…. Meet fiddlers, jokers, street vendors, witches, sailors and maybe a street fight. Taste the baker’s sugar pretzels, help the washerwoman, bargain about prices at the marked, have a chat with the skipper, play with street children and listen to the women who gossip about everybody. Exactly as it may have been in the streets in Elsinore in 1820.



Help solve the exciting mystery of the VILLAIN GANG who have stolen parts of history. Go through the old city where you by solving the tasks collect the right pieces of history. Play with toys of yore. Meet the clerk who charges toll from the children and many other characters from Old Elsinore.


All the summer activities for “The Sound Toll Era” takes place around Skibsklarergaarden (The Ship Brokers House) and Strandgade.



4. – 31. JULY: METAL WORKSHOP Work with metal and tools in the workshop in front of the museum.

14. + 15. JULY: FULL STEAM AHEAD Build a beautiful ship and decorate it. Enjoy the celebration when the ship is launched into the water.


Visit Skibsklarerergaarden

This museum is the Shipbrokers office and home as it might have looked in around 1800.

Step 200 years back in time and visit the shipbroker’s office and home. At this interior museum from the Sound toll era, you experience with all your senses an original provisions shop, the office where the cargo was registered and the Shipbroker’s private home on the first floor as it looked in the late eighteenth century.

The Shipbroker’s office and home always has activities for the whole family during School Holidays.

Check out the opening hours here.

You can always book a guided tour at the museum: email: or phone: +45 4928 1903

See the danish page for Skibsklarerergaarden here

Visit Elsinore citymuseum

The City museum is located in one of Elsinore oldest buildings. Originally, a monastery, the Karmeliterhouse is more than 500 years old. At the City museum, you find an exhibition about the Sound toll era (c. 1429-1857), a cozy shop and alternating special exhibitions on the first floor.

Openinghours at the citymuseum

thursday – sunday



See the danish page for Elsinore Citymuseum here

Visit the Shipyard museum

The Shipyard museum tells the stories about the workers, the industrial period and the shipyard’s local importance for the city and its inhabitants through 100 years. Elsinore shipyard built more than 400 cargo ships, ferries and yachts from 1882- 1983.

Opening hours at the Shipyard museum:

thursday – sunday 11-15

See the danish page for the shipyard museum here